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What is a mask machine folding machine?

What is a mask machine folding machine?

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Mask machine folding machine is also known as cotton folding machine. As the name suggests, it is mask folding. What is a mask folding machine? This should not be explained more. It should be known that the mask should be folded and packed. The meaning of folding is to reduce the volume of the mask and save unnecessary resources. Below, Rui Yun machinery Xiaobian tells you what the folding machine is and what it looks like.
Mask folding machine is an emerging industry based on the rise of mask Market in twenty-first Century. The mask folding machine can make the folding process of mask more simple and smooth. Mask folding machine can be said to replace the manual folding mask machine in twenty-first Century, reducing costs and improving work efficiency for businesses and businesses. The efficiency of the folding machine can reach 2500-3000 pieces per hour, which is a breakthrough point in the mask industry.
Mask machine parameters:
Cotton folding: Seventy percent off and sixty percent off methods.
Cotton layer number: 1-3.
Production efficiency: 2500~3000/ hours.
Mask bag specifications: wide 115-165mm long 150-220mm seventy percent off, wide 95-165mm long 150-220mm sixty percent off.
Power supply: 220V/1Ph/50Hz 1.2KW.
Air source: 0.6Mpa 250L/min.
Equipment size: L1900 * W1060 * H1450.
The mask folding machine is very efficient, and has high quality and high performance price ratio. We should keep pace with the times. This is all the content of today.