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Rapid development of packaging machinery industry

Rapid development of packaging machinery industry

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With the continuous expansion of the industry, Wenzhou packaging machine in the protection, service, information and other aspects of the powerful functions of intelligent packaging in medicine, food, daily chemicals, logistics and other fields more and more widely used.
Intelligent control system of control function is the brain of mechanical equipment, and is also the core device to issue action instructions. At present, pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers generally use programmable logic controllers (PLC controllers), which do not have the powerful functions of industrial computers (PC). For most traditional mechanical control equipment, the use of PLC is appropriate, because the number of control parameters is limited, many places still use mechanical control, for example, torque control is the use of mechanical clutch to overload protection of the motor.
However, with the improvement of equipment automation, more and more computer control devices are applied to the equipment. The number of sensor components, detection components, control components and executive components is very large. At this time, PLC can not manage and control so many parameters, and industrial PC will be the best choice.
However, compared with developed countries, China's packaging machinery industry has a small number of supporting, lack of high-precision and large-scale products, can not meet market demand. Today, it is easy for Chinese packaging machinery manufacturers to acquire some key parts through global purchasing, thus rapidly improving the technical level and reliability of equipment. But the overall level is far from the developed countries such as the United States and Germany. Industry experts pointed out that the future development of the packaging industry is not only limited to the development and application of packaging materials themselves, but also to work on intensive processing. China's packaging industry is still in the downstream of the entire packaging industry chain, low-level packaging technology more, the future sustainable development of the packaging industry still needs to fundamentally adjust the industrial structure. Structure.
In the future, packaging, single function and speed of packaging equipment, and other two-tier diversified packaging equipment installation technology combined with the development direction of flexible and ultimate goal is "in business scale to meet the diversity of market demand.
At present, domestic packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to the development of fast, low cost packaging equipment, equipment to small, flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency direction. Through imitation, introduction of technology and capital, and global procurement, China's packaging machinery manufacturing and industrial design levels have been developed rapidly. But it is far from hungry just to stay in the stage of imitation. Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers must catch up with developed countries and realize the ultimate goal of packaging power through the promotion of independent innovation ability.