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Working principle of filling sealing machine

Working principle of filling sealing machine

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The filling and sealing machine can smoothly and accurately inject all kinds of paste, paste and viscous fluid into the hose, and finish the hot air heating, sealing and batch number, production date and so on. It is suitable for filling and sealing large diameter plastic pipe and composite pipe in medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical products and other industries.
Filling and sealing machine is determined by many parameters, it is impossible to describe a filling and sealing machine with any single parameter. Shaft power (P), blade discharge (Q), pressure head (H), blade diameter (D) and filling speed (N) are the five basic parameters describing a filling and sealing machine.
The discharge of the blade is directly proportional to the flow rate of the blade itself, the first power of the blade speed and the third power of the blade diameter. The axial power consumed by filling is directly proportional to the specific gravity of the fluid, the power standard of the blade itself, the cubic power of the rotational speed and the quintic power of the blade diameter. Under certain power and blade type, the flow rate (Q) and pressure head (H) can be adjusted by changing the matching of blade diameter (D) and rotational speed (N), that is, the large diameter blade with low rotational speed (constant shaft power) filling and sealing tail machine produces a higher flow effect and a lower pressure head, while the small diameter blade has a lower pressure head. High speed and high speed of rotor blades produce higher pressure head and lower flow.
In filling tanks, the only way to make collisions between the pellets is to provide enough shear rate. From the point of view of filling and sealing mechanism, it is precisely because of the existence of fluid velocity difference that the fluid layers mix with each other. Therefore, the filling process always involves the fluid shear rate lhhaha620. Shear stress is a force, which is the real cause of bubble dispersion and droplet breakage in filling application. It must be pointed out that the shear rate of fluid points in the whole stirred tank is not consistent..
The experimental results show that the maximum shear rate and the average shear rate increase with the increase of rotational speed when the blade diameter is fixed for any slurry type. But when the rotational speed is constant, the relationship between maximum shear rate and average shear rate and blade diameter is related to slurry type. When the rotational speed is constant, the maximum shear rate of radial blade increases with the increase of blade diameter, but the average shear rate is independent of the blade diameter. These concepts of blade shear rate require special care in the design of shrinkage and enlargement of filling tail packer. Compared with large groove, small groove filling tail packer often has the characteristics of high speed (N), small blade diameter (D) and low tip speed (ND), while large groove filling tail packer often has the characteristics of low speed (N) large blade diameter (D) and high tip speed (ND).