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The function of filling and sealing machine is outlined.

The function of filling and sealing machine is outlined.

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Wenzhou Rui Yun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of filling machine, filling and sealing machine, sealing machine, hose sealing machine, automatic hose sealing and sealing machine, mask folding machine, mask packing machine, mask filling machine, wet towel packing machine, mask machine and a series of products.
Function summary: Filling tail filling machine adopts automatic lifting servo filling method, filling accuracy (can be adjusted arbitrarily), measuring error is small; The machine adopts advanced technology, filling without trailing, wire drawing and other phenomena, materials in the filling and storage process will not produce solidification phenomenon; According to different hose materials, the machine is divided into metal hose filling. Install tail sealing machine and plastic hose filling and sealing machine. The former adopts the two-way folding tail sealing method, which completely solves the tail leakage, beautiful tail sealing and easy operation; the latter adopts the hot-melt sealing method, and the sealing is firm. The machine is stepless speed regulation, measuring, filling, sealing, printing and launching once. It can be used for the filling and sealing of liquid, paste and colloid products in medical, chemical and other industries.
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