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Performance of filling sealing machine

Performance of filling sealing machine

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Performance of filling sealing machine:
1. The transmission part is closed below the platform, safe and reliable, and free from pollution.
2. The filling and sealing end part is installed in the semi-enclosed non-static outer frame visible cover above the platform, which is easy to observe, operate and maintain.
3, PLC control, man-machine dialogue interface;
4. The turntable is driven by cam, with high speed and high precision.
5. Slant type pipe storehouse, upper pipe mechanism is equipped with vacuum adsorption device to ensure that the automatic pipe is accurately inserted into the pipe socket.
6. Photoelectric calibration workstation, high-precision probe, stepper motor and other control hose patterns are located in the correct position;
7. The filling nozzle is equipped with a material breaking mechanism to ensure the filling quality.
8. No tube or no filling.
9, the tail end adopts (Leister hot air gun) heating inside the tube tail, and external cooling device is equipped.
10. Typing workstation automatically prints the character code to the location of the process requirement.
11. The right end of the shear hose of the shaping manipulator is selected as a right angle or fillet.
12, failure protection, no tube alarm, door open and stop, overload stop.
13, counting and quantitative shutdown.
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