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Brief analysis of the development of food packaging machine

Brief analysis of the development of food packaging machine

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Following the rapid development of China's food packaging industry, the supporting food packaging machine industry with a strong momentum of rapid development, the industry is full of determination and faith in the development of the industry, Wenzhou packaging machine analysts believe that it will be to promote China's sustained and rapid economic development of another "growth point". There are also some problems in the food packaging machine.
A, research and development funds are few, and technical strength is weak.
B. Low level repetition is too much, product technology content is low, manufacturing process is simple, processing equipment precision requirements are not high.
C, lack of international business staff.
D, lack of adaptability.
In the future, we can focus on market development, inherit and deepen reform, make great efforts to adjust the structure, speed up technological innovation, improve product quality, improve economic efficiency, and ensure the sustained, rapid and healthy development of China's food packaging machine industry. We should do a good job in adjusting the structure, enhancing the competitiveness, investing in science and technology, enhancing the ability of independent development, grasping the quality of products, fighting a good battle for quality improvement, doing a good job in quality control and flow, strengthening technological transformation, and fundamentally improving the quality of products. As long as the whole industry unites and strives for common progress, China's food and packaging machine The machinery industry must develop in a healthy way.
China's food packaging machine is not only facing the challenge and competition of improving the products of its predecessors abroad, but also facing the huge market at home and abroad and better development opportunities. Especially after China's entry into WTO, the market of food and packaging machinery should face the whole world; the advanced technology and equipment of foreign food and packaging machinery are constantly pouring into our market, which also forces us to take measures to constantly improve the level of food and packaging machinery in our country, and strive to open up domestic and foreign market. Entering the 21st century, the overall level of China's national economy and comprehensive national strength will take a new step, the international and domestic environment will provide a good opportunity for the further development of China's economy.