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Harmful ingredients of inferior wet wipes

Harmful ingredients of inferior wet wipes

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As wipes become more and more integrated into modern life, the demand is increasing. The profits can be imagined, so the Shanzhai or inferior wet wipes will follow. Such a wet towel is not only low cost, but also can earn considerable profits. Wet towel is a kind of skin care products, such as this kind of wet towel often can not play a very good skin care effect, but will cause damage to the skin will cause skin allergies or other phenomena.
So these low quality wipes consist of the top ingredients? Now let's learn about the hazards of the ingredients.
1, propylene glycol: This ingredient is easy to stimulate the eye is a low toxic class, although the toxicity and irritation are very small, but it has the characteristics of hemolysis, not suitable for intravenous injection. If it is added to food, it will cause the same risk of kidney disease as ethylene glycol, so it is forbidden to be added to food by the state.
2. Coconut oil-based glucoside: This ingredient is slightly irritating to the skin and eyes, and may have an impact on the environment.
3. Benzalkonium chloride: If the amount of this ingredient is small, there is no discomfort, once excessive will cause heart dysfunction, will make people hyperactivity, vomiting, weight loss and other symptoms similar to benzalkonium chloride hyperfunction.
4. Phenoxyethanol: This ingredient, if swallowed, or absorbed through the skin, can cause genital damage.
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