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Function and routine maintenance of mask packing machine

Function and routine maintenance of mask packing machine

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The mask packing machine is a machine that wraps up the product and plays a protective and aesthetic role.
The mask packing machine is mainly divided into 2 parts: 1. assembly line production. 2. product peripheral packaging equipment.
The mask packaging machine is advanced in design, reasonable in structure and reliable in performance. The mask packing machine adopts double synchronous belt pulling film, which is controlled by cylinder, tensioned, automatically rectify deviation, and automatically alarm and protect function, so as to minimize loss. The metering device is matched with bag making, filling, filling, printing and counting. The opening and closing metering device can be refitted according to the material.
Several key points for maintenance of mask packaging machinery: cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and anticorrosion. In the ordinary production process, each machine maintenance personnel should do, according to the machine packaging equipment maintenance manual and maintenance rules, strictly carry out the maintenance work according to the prescribed cycle, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate the hidden dangers of failure, extend the life of the machine. Maintenance is divided into: routine maintenance, periodic maintenance (sub: primary maintenance, secondary maintenance, tertiary maintenance), special maintenance (sub: seasonal maintenance, suspension maintenance).