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The working principle of mask machine is explained.

The working principle of mask machine is explained.

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Mask machine is mainly through the principle of juice centrifugation, the hydration of fruit pulp is divided into fruit film production container, and through completely sealed high temperature centrifugal isolation technology, and micro circulation nano technology to ensure that in the case of high temperature, can still ensure that the molecular structure of collagen and the molecular structure of fruits and vegetables are not broken, and there are It can effectively fuse the collagen components of collagen active peptides with the effective components of fruits and vegetables to form a new collagen molecular structure. It can be made into a perfect fruit film liquid and injected into the fruit plate and cooling process to form our dream natural fruit and vegetable mask. And retain the natural fragrance of fruits and vegetables. So as to provide our skin with high water absorption and sealing of the mask. Its high water absorption capacity can lock moisture in the skin, which is dozens of times of traditional collagen mask. And its sealing, can prevent moisture evaporation, let nutrients fully penetrate into the skin, to achieve instant repair, nourishing effect.