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Advantages and working process of automatic wet towel packer

Advantages and working process of automatic wet towel packer

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Technical characteristics:
1. The automatic packaging process of the wet towel packer is automatic without manual operation.
2. The material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel and conform to the GMP standard.
3. The automatic wet towel packer can choose different filling devices according to the nature of filling materials.
4, intelligent detection, bag filling, sealing, no bag, no filling. No bag, no seal.
5. The important accessories of the automatic wet towel packing machine are all internationally famous brands.
6. The automatic wet towel packing machine is controlled by 7-inch color Chinese touch screen. The operation parameters of the equipment are set conveniently and intuitively. It also has the functions of output statistics and automatic fault diagnosis, which makes the production management and equipment management more efficient.
7. Intelligent digital display temperature control system, automatic sealing temperature compensation, accurate temperature control. The rate of poor sealing is very low.
8. The original pneumatic parts of the whole machine are famous brand names with long working life and convenient maintenance and replacement.
9. different filling methods can be customized according to customer needs.
10. production speed: 3600-6000 bags / hour
Working procedure of automatic wet towel packer:
Automatic bag down -- automatic injection filling -- automatic sealing -- automatic marking -- finished product output.
Fully automatic wet towel packaging machine is the best choice for large-scale production of wet towel manufacturers, which can greatly save manpower, improve production efficiency and improve product qualification rate. It is also the requirement of technical equipment for enterprises to formulate development strategies.