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How to judge the performance of nonwoven bag making machine

How to judge the performance of nonwoven bag making machine

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With the continuous development and expansion of the marketing of non-woven bags, non-woven bag making machine manufacturers become more complex.
How to choose quality, superior performance and bag making machine for non-woven bag manufacturers?
We recommend checking customers from the following points.
1. Machine running smoothness stone: mainly manifested in the machine running resistance stone, no textile business bag machine sending material is mainly by the rubber roller towing material, so the quality of the bearing determines the resistance of the machine running, stone good no textile business bag machine transmission system precision coordination, accurate bearing placement, to ensure that the towing material Stone resistance minimization is not only conducive to the maintenance of the machine, and does not cause cloth slices in the towing process, because there is no spinning itself has the necessary stretchability, so the bag length can ensure more accurate, especially in some very thin non-woven bag production, bags, and so on.
2. Hardness machine operates at high speed welding, with more and more nonwoven orders many machines must be able to withstand continuous high-speed bag making machine operation, but to reach the bag welding in prison, so this will not be a qualified bag making machine.
Mainly depends on the pressure and ultrasonic welding machine, high-speed operation, must be in a very short time welding, ultrasonic quality is particularly important, in pressure and ultrasonic, perfect completion package can be completed in a short time, in a soldered bag.
3. noise when the machine is running. As long as from the noise, when this machine is running the drive shaft and bag when the ultrasonic sound, good non-woven bag machine transmission, interlocking accuracy, friction, stability of the ultrasonic, noise is very small.
More than three points, you can determine whether it is a good non-woven bag machine, see customer care reference, choose high-quality equipment, lay a good foundation for their production.