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Advantages of wet towel machine

Advantages of wet towel machine

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Wet towel machine, as the name suggests, is a machine for making wet paper towels. In recent years, the wet towel machine industry has entered a rapid development stage, wet towel machine is a new product to open up a healthy lifestyle, why do you say so? Now let's have a look.
Wet towel machine made by a new generation of environmental protection Spunlaced non-woven cloth plus ultraviolet sterilized water made of completely healthy without the health and safety risks of sideband. And has the following 8 advantages:
1. no dust, no fiber shedding in use, no fiber shavings, ensure the quality of wiping.
2. uniform mesh, excellent longitudinal and lateral tensile force;
3. super strong liquid absorbency, more than four times faster than ordinary cotton cloth.
4. efficient removal of water stains and oil removal capacity;
5. environmental protection and energy saving can be degraded.
6. soft and comfortable, zero distance to protect the skin;
7. spunlaced nonwovens were sterilized by many times, and there was a warehouse for ultraviolet sterilization.
With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health, health and hygiene of the use of products has gradually become the first consideration. Wet towel machine just meets the needs of consumers. In such a promising market, wet towel machine will certainly stand tall!