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The role of Wenzhou packaging machine in transporting and sifting large particles in cement

The role of Wenzhou packaging machine in transporting and sifting large particles in cement

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A vibrating screen is installed on the top of the Wenzhou packing machine to transport materials and screen large particles of foreign bodies in cement, so as to avoid foreign bodies entering the Wenzhou packing machine and causing the rotating parts of the packing machine to be stuck. Daily maintenance of vibrating screen is relatively simple, just add lubricating grease 100g to the bearing seat regularly every week, check the screen once a month, if cracks and loopholes occur, should replace the new screen in time; screen corner warped loose, need to re-tighten the pressure bar, can not tighten the pressure also need to replace the new screen. If the feeding impeller of dividing wheel or cement nozzle is stuck by foreign body during the operation of Wenzhou packing machine, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check and replace the vibrating screen screen.
The transmission structure of Wenzhou packing machine is that the motor passes through the CVT, drives the gearbox through the triangular transmission, and the big gear in the gearbox drives the main shaft of packing machine to rotate. Rotary parts are usually not easy to break down, just need to use the production shutdown clearance to check the lubrication of the triangle belt and gearbox can be flexibly adjusted according to the production cycle, generally check at least once a month.
It should be noted that the CVT depends on adjusting the pressure of the transmission wheel to achieve speed change, tightening to increase the output speed, loosening to reduce the output speed, due to the relative motion between the belt and the compression wheel, long-term use of the speed control wheel and belt wear will lead to belt skidding or even can not drive. Therefore, the transmission must check the wear of the speed wheel and the transmission belt, and prepare the spare parts well. On time schedule, check with the gearbox and spindle belt.
Because the bottom bearing of Wenzhou packing machine needs to enter from the bottom ash bucket for inspection, it is often neglected in daily maintenance. If the bottom bearing is damaged, it will affect the rotational flexibility of the packing machine, even cause the main shaft of the packing machine to be stuck and damaged. Therefore, the bearing must be inspected at least twice a year for lubrication and sealing. Situation. It is necessary to check the bearing damage as soon as possible when it is found that the rotary resistance of the packing machine is large or when one can not push it in the empty state.