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Wenzhou wet paper towel machine goes all over the world.

Wenzhou wet paper towel machine goes all over the world.

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VPD250 horizontal four-side seal automatic wet towel packaging machine is a new generation of packaging machine developed independently by our technical personnel in combination with international paper and non-woven fabric packaging equipment and in response to the requirements of customers at home and abroad. It is one of the most advanced packaging equipment for paper and non-woven fabrics in the world. It can be used to produce small packaged wet towels, such as women's care wet towels, makeup removing wet towels, medical disinfection wet towels, isopropanol wet towels and lens wipe wet towels, computer cleaning wet towels, shoe wipes, aviation wet towels, catering matching wet towels, etc.
In the actual production process, several wet towels can be packed into a film packaging bag, the front of the bag has a suction mouth to extract wet towels. Then the cover is reglued and the wet wipes inside the bag remain moist. Its most distinctive feature is the innovative design of the drawing hole punching die and the cover bonding device, this technology is a domestic originality. In addition, the adjustable speed device of hot sealing cutting flow cutter is innovatively designed, which can be used in many ways, greatly improving the production efficiency and reducing the production cost. Each heating part of the machine is automatically controlled by four newt temperature controller, and the sealing quality is high.
In a word, the machine has the advantages of novel structure, advanced technology and high production efficiency, which solves the problem of cross-contamination easily caused by manual packaging. And the external structure of the machine, the body and product contact parts are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, the indicators meet the national requirements.
The machine is mainly suitable for four sides products, such as wipes, alcohol cotton, cosmetic cotton and disinfectant cloth.
With the application and development of the Internet, Wenzhou's machinery industry has generally been through the network pyramid selling throughout the country.