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Technology development source of nonwoven bag making machine

Technology development source of nonwoven bag making machine

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Technical development of non-woven bag making machine:
The development of non-woven bag making machine has developed ultrasonic bonding technology.
Ultrasonic bonding technology for nonwoven bag making machine. Ultrasound technology in the textile industry from the original used for processing mattresses and mattresses, now has been widely used in the non-woven industry. Ultrasound energy belongs to mechanical vibration energy, frequency is more than 18,000 Hz, outside the range of human hearing, extended reading: non-woven bag machine, circular loom, four-column hydraulic press, gravure printing machine, slotting machine, air conditioner has a wide range of wavelength to choose from. When applied to bonding thermoplastic materials, such as non-woven fabrics, the frequency is usually 20000HZ.
Comparing with the traditional needle-type thread sewing, the automatic bag-making machine of non-woven fabrics uses ultrasonic bonding, eliminates needle and thread changing process, does not have broken thread joint of traditional thread sewing, and can also perform neat local shearing and sealing of non-woven fabrics. The working speed is fast, the edge of the seal is not cracked, the edges of the cloth are not damaged, and there is no edge and curling. At the same time, ultrasonic bonding effectively avoids the degradation of fiber caused by thermal bonding, the influence of adhesive layer on the porosity of materials, and the delamination caused by the impact of liquid.
Ultrasonic bonding equipment is mainly composed of ultrasonic generator and roller. The main components of ultrasonic generator are horn, power supply and transformer. The horn, also known as the radiator, gathers sound waves onto a single plane; the roller, also known as the anvil, is used to gather heat released from the horn of the ultrasonic generator. The bonded material is placed between the "horn" of the ultrasonic generator and the roller continuously running, bonded together under a lower static force. The frequency converter converts electricity into high-frequency electrical energy, which is then converted into ultrasonic vibrator, and finally into vibration energy. An amplifier system (enhancer) amplifies the vibration energy to the horn, and the acoustic tool immediately contacts the material to be bonded. These superauditory frequencies cause mechanical pressure between the molecules of the material, release heat, destroy the molecular bonding in the material, cause the material to melt at the bonding point, and then bond two or more layers of material together by mechanical pressure.