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The bag made of non-woven bag making machine can be made widely.

The bag made of non-woven bag making machine can be made widely.

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Function and characteristics of nonwoven bag making machine
The computer is controlled by microcomputer. Stepper motor towing.
Second, arbitrary length, photoelectric tracking, smooth, three bags of automatic stop.
Automatic pneumatic synchronous punching. Automatic constant temperature and automatic stopping of towing material.
4. Automatic counting and setting alarm.
Photoelectric discharge control and automatic deviation correction.
The bottom edge is welded by ultrasonic roll, especially strong and smooth.
The discharge clamping device adopts air expansion shaft.
Equipped with automatic cylinder retractable device.
This machine is equipped with magnetic powder tension control to control cloth tension easily.
Bag Making Function: This machine can make bags, non-woven vest bag, non-woven flat bag, non-woven three-dimensional bag, non-woven handbag, non-woven cloth rope-wearing bag.
Process Flow: Roll material - - - fold edge - - - rope wearing - - - heat close - - - fold - - - iron handle - - - insert edge - - - positioning - - - Drilling - - - hot table - - - cut off - - collect finished products.