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Nonwoven bag making machine improves working efficiency

Nonwoven bag making machine improves working efficiency

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Non-woven bag machine feeding part: equipped with automatic feeding device, does not need to be raised manually, can realize a person can operate the machine; automatic cutting device, after the production of materials, the machine will automatically stop, can save the time to repeat piercing materials, improve work efficiency; feeding shaft for the gas shaft, suitable for the diameter of 7. Six centimeters of national standard carton use, inflatable can be clamped non-woven carton, easy to use; equipped with automatic rectification function, in the case of cloth irregularity, through the rectification device cloth to go neat and then proceed to the next process.
Bag making machine flat folding part: some with pocket folding edge function, non-woven bag pocket folding edge here to achieve; threading function, do rope bags used; two sets of 70 round head ultrasonic, non-woven fabric folding edge part fixed.
Photoelectric Eye Tracking Section of Bag Making Machine: This equipment has set up photoelectric eye tracking and color calibration point for non-woven bag with printing to ensure that the size of each bag is standard.
The sealing triangle part of the bag making machine: This function is used when making the three-dimensional bag. The bottom of the three-dimensional bag is inserted well. The two sides are sealed with ultrasonic wave to make a triangle. The bottom of the non-woven bag makes a three-dimensional feeling. (The role of a roll of PET film on the machine: in the process of sealing the triangle, it is necessary to separate a layer of PET film, to prevent the bottom two layers of non-woven fabric in the triangle when sticking together.)
The punching part of the bag making machine: the first one is the punching machine for flattening the elliptical hole of the pocket, and the second one is the punching machine for punching the bottom triangle hole when making the three-dimensional bag.
Hand-held part of bag making machine: This machine is equipped with the function of automatic handheld. The handheld strip of non-woven bag is automatically glued to the non-woven bag by ultrasonic wave. The inner drive is upgraded to motor drive, which has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and avoids the shortcomings of previous cylinder drive.