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Application of five kinds of food packaging machinery

Application of five kinds of food packaging machinery

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The rapid development of China's food packaging equipment industry has far exceeded the development of other manufacturing industries. Through the continuous development and progress of packaging machinery, food packaging machinery has become more and more extensive, but in order to meet the needs of the rapid development of food packaging industry, there will be five kinds of food packaging machinery market dominant position.
A. Vacuum packaging machinery in the 21st century, people are increasingly demanding, food packaging, and some food enterprises in order to better ensure the safety of food, vacuum packaging machine is more widely used, and seriously treated, gradually replace the rigid package, good prospects.
2. Bagging, filling, sealing packaging machine is currently produced in China's machinery manufacturers, the annual output of more than 100 million vehicles. Bagging, filling, sealing, packaging machinery module structure, the development trend of higher speed, high stability, simple mechanical transmission, adaptive closed-loop control. High stability is the food manufacturing industry of many manufacturers.
3. Metal packaging container processing equipment Metal packaging container processing machinery manufacturing has begun to take shape in China, canned products because of its own advantages, long-term preservation, its prospects are very good. One is the development trend of this kind of products to improve product performance, increase the speed of finished products and material utilization, the other is to speed up product technology improvement, development of high-performance high-frequency welding and welding power, mercury-free and so on.
Fourth (board), carton packaging machinery in the last decade, corrugated carton packaging machinery industry in China is developing very fast, the product range from corrugated board printing slotting machine, paper glue machine, corner cutting machine and other series of varieties. Carton packaging has a wide range of applications, and is irreplaceable in various fields, as well as in the transport and handling of goods. The future direction of development is complete sets of equipment, high-speed MLJ corrugated box complete sets of equipment.
5. Paper pulp molded tableware processing equipment packaging machinery in China's current production scale is relatively small, processing equipment prices on the high side. Pulp tableware mold processing and packaging machinery in reducing the cost of thermoforming mold, improve heating mode, reduce power consumption, increase research costs, increase production, and so on.