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Wenzhou Ruirun Machinery Co., Ltd.  浙ICP备15042870号  Wet towel packing machine, mask packing machine, packing machine


Professional high-tech enterprises engaged in the development and manufacture of automatic wet wipes & facial mask packaging equipments



Warmly congratulate Wenzhou Rui Yun Machinery Co., Ltd. website successfully revised online!

Warmly congratulate Wenzhou Rui Yun Machinery Co., Ltd. website successfully revised online!

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Wenzhou Rui run machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing wet towel packing machine, wet towel machine, mask folding machine, mask filling machine, canned tail sealing machine, four side sealing wet towel packing machine, hose sealing and sealing machine, automatic wet towel packing machine, single sheet wet towel packing machine, non-woven fabric bag making machine, printing machine, packing machine, air baling machine and so on. Goods.
Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the people-oriented, honest business principles, gathering industry elites, foreign advanced technology, management methods and enterprise experience with our specific reality, so that the company has always maintained competitiveness in the fierce market competition, to achieve rapid and stable development of enterprises.
The company in line with the "to provide customers with the most satisfactory product service" business purpose, adhere to the "quality-oriented, customer first" business philosophy. We solemnly promise: while ensuring the advanced nature, reliability and stability of the equipment, we will constantly improve the quality of service, from in-sales to after-sales delivery, commissioning and opening, equipment maintenance and management, technical services, customer technical training and other aspects, to ensure that customers can get the best service, so that customers are satisfied.