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Wenzhou Ruirun Machinery Co., Ltd.  浙ICP备15042870号  Wet towel packing machine, mask packing machine, packing machine


Professional high-tech enterprises engaged in the development and manufacture of automatic wet towel packaging equipment



RRW-280 Full Automatic High Speed Wet Wipe Packing Machine(80-120 Pieces)

RRW-280 Full Automatic High Speed Wet Wipe Packing Machine(80-120 Pieces)


Production flow: unrolling - slitting fabric into lanes - folding - wetting - cutting - pile&counting - delivering

Main technical parameter

nProduct type:baby wipes(non cross folding)

nProduct speed: 250-350 cuts/min (set on PLC)

nSuitable raw material:air laid paper, spunlace/hot-rolling nonwoven fabric

n Weight of raw material : 35-80g/

nFolding way : “Z”  or “V” shape pop up and non-pop up

nCutting unite:.a.double paper shelves

           B.10lanes or 12 lanes,2 rolls

           c.raw material roll width :900~1250mm

n Length of wet tissue:140-220mm(set on PLC)

nSize of raw material:(1000-1320)×Ø1000 (mm,W×Dia)

nWet tissue unfolded size:(140-220)×(150-250) (mm,L×W)

nWet tissue folded size: (140-220)×(90-110) (mm,L×W)

nMaterial supply system:Servo motor

nCutting system:Converter motor

nPiling system:Servo Motor

nPower supply: 380V 50HZ

nPower: 9KW

nSize of machine: 9600×3300×2000(mm,L×W×H)

nWeight of machine:5000 kg

nWater Tank:400L with agitator  2pcs

 (2) Servo Motor Main Feature

1.ALL Servo design , equip with2 units servo motors from Mitsubishi, With scientific design and compact structure, easy operation and maintenance

2.Servo automatically control

3.Main electrical parts approved.with safety door and E-stop and relative safety system.

4.Main mechanical parts made by CNC, main electric parts from Janpan

5.Inverters control motors, universal couple adopted for main parts, integrity of gear box and phaser, time belt gear driving.

6.Adjust phase to be synchronized at machine running.

(3) Main Configurations

1.Steel structure, stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts

2.Raw material applicator, adopted two material racks,width:900 –1250mm

3.Pop up or non pop up can be adjusted.

4.Liquid distributed from holes of the pipes

5.Lotion supplying system, including two tanks with continuously agitators mixing, recycle unit, adjustable amount

6.Tower system to pull the folded raw materials in one way.

7.Raw material short cutting, cut length can be adjusted.

8.Sheet counting and stacking unit, servo motor adopted for easy adjusting quantity.

9.Conveyor system

10.Operate interface for main machine.

11.Safety system: Complete protection for the blade, cabinet must be made with doors. Emergency braking system.

12.Mutsibish Servo system

Wipe Package Sample:

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