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Daily maintenance and maintenance of mask machine

Daily maintenance and maintenance of mask machine

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(Summary description)Dailymaintenanceandmaintenanceofmaskmachineshouldbepaidattentionto: (1)maskmachineshouldbeoperatedonadry,clean,solidleveltableandkeepatleast10cmawayfromthetable. (2)beforeusingthepowersupplyfor220V(ci

Daily maintenance and maintenance of mask machine

(Summary description)Dailymaintenanceandmaintenanceofmaskmachineshouldbepaidattentionto: (1)maskmachineshouldbeoperatedonadry,clean,solidleveltableandkeepatleast10cmawayfromthetable. (2)beforeusingthepowersupplyfor220V(ci

  • Categories:Trade news
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  • Time of issue:2018-09-29
  • Views:19
Daily maintenance and maintenance of mask machine should be paid attention to:
(1) mask machine should be operated on a dry, clean, solid level table and keep at least 10cm away from the table.
(2) before using the power supply for 220V (city power), please check whether the voltage of the product matches the local voltage.
(3) no children are exposed to machines without the guardianship of adults.
(4) when the mask machine is not in use for a long time, please pull the plug of the power cord from the power outlet, so as to avoid misoperation.
(5) when moving the mask machine, move the machine as far as possible, and do not stand upside down, so as to avoid the residual water from the machine being scalded.
(6) do not rinse or soak the machine directly while cleaning the machine.
(7) mask machine has not been used for a long time. Please use hot water to clean the machine thoroughly before using it again.
(8) If the machine appears to be unsolvable quality problems, please contact customer service or to the designated service station for maintenance, do not disassemble the machine maintenance, in order to avoid leakage or electric shock hazards.
(9) please do not move the fuselage during the operation of the machine, and do not decompose and assemble components in operation.
(10) please do not let the product be seriously hit or fall.
(11) do not shield the cooling holes during the film making process.
(12) When removing the machine for cleaning or maintenance, unplug the power cord plug from the power socket.
(13) During the operation of the machine, do not put hands or other hard objects into the fuselage, and ensure that the machine is placed on the horizontal plane.
(14) when cleaning or maintenance, install the mixing box, residue box, filter screen, protective cover, mask tray and cleaning dish.
(15) do not touch the face tray emergency switch on the side during the film making process. After the film is finished, the mask tray will automatically pop up without manual operation. This switch should be used manually when opening the mask tray for failure or maintenance.
(16) If a sudden power failure occurs after pressing the start-up key, after power supply is switched on, pure water is added to the water injection nozzle until the indicator light turns red, then water is stopped, and the start-up key is pressed, and the heating and film-making process will resume. If power failure is too long, it is recommended not to use this mask.

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