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Wet towel industry trend

Wet towel industry trend

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(Summary description)WettowelisaforeignproductthatenteredChinaonlyinthe21stcentury.ItfirstappearedinEurope,andnowitisrelativelymatureintheEuropeanandAmericanmarkets.Inrecentyears,China'swettowelindustryhasdevelopedrapidly

Wet towel industry trend

(Summary description)WettowelisaforeignproductthatenteredChinaonlyinthe21stcentury.ItfirstappearedinEurope,andnowitisrelativelymatureintheEuropeanandAmericanmarkets.Inrecentyears,China'swettowelindustryhasdevelopedrapidly

  • Categories:Trade news
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  • Time of issue:2018-09-29
  • Views:20
Wet towel is a foreign product that entered China only in the 21st century. It first appeared in Europe, and now it is relatively mature in the European and American markets. In recent years, China's wet towel industry has developed rapidly, benefiting from the continuous improvement of production technology and downstream market demand, wet towel industry in the domestic and international market development situation is very promising. Today, Xiaobian explains the latest development trend of China's wipes industry.
The rise of a wet towel
Wet towel is a foreign product that entered China only in the 21st century. It first appeared in Europe, and now it is relatively mature in the European and American markets. Traditionally, wet towel is a disposable toilet paper made from non-woven cloth by adding OR pure water, a certain proportion of disinfectant, special essence and maintenance liquid. At present, the popularity of wet towels in the domestic market is relatively low, the popularity of infant wet towels is relatively high, more and more mothers have learned to buy and use infant wet towels, in the maternal and infant supplies circle, wet towels are known as diaper companions, is necessary for changing baby diapers. Personal care wipes are becoming more and more popular with young people, such as hygienic cleaning wipes, moisturizing wipes, many white-collar workers will put a bag of wipes in their handbags. At the same time, the market of surface cleaning wipes is also rising slowly. The surface cleaning wipes are subdivided into different functional areas, such as leather maintenance, mahogany furniture maintenance, glass cleaning and so on. The product system is also gradually improving. With the improvement of the national economic level, the market of wet wipes will be further developed. In recent years, China's wet towel industry has developed rapidly, benefiting from the continuous improvement of production technology and downstream market demand, wet towel industry in the domestic and international market development situation is very promising. It is believed that in the next two to three years, the market of wipes will grow rapidly.
Two classification of wipes
At present, there are 3 types of wet towel packaging in the market: single chip (independent), multi chip and barrel. The function of wet towel products is increasing, adding a variety of skin care ingredients, such as aloe vera, green tea, lavender, mint and so on; and surface cleaning wipe wet towel added leather maintenance essence. In general, wet wipes are divided into two categories and six series. Two categories: one is personal hygiene and clean care, the other two is cleaning and cleaning of objects. Six major series are: first: ordinary type, second: baby special type, third: female special type, four is: make-up removal special type, five is: sexual health care special type, six is: other personal use special type. Among them, the common wet towel accounted for 28.6% of the sales, the baby special wet towel accounted for 42.0%, the female special wet towel accounted for 8.4%, the makeup removing wet towel accounted for 3.6%, the other personal use wet towel accounted for 5.5%, the wet wipe towel accounted for 11.9%.
Three the current situation of wipes
1. According to the statistics of China Daily Paper Industry Association, as the wet towel threshold is low, by the end of 2013, more than 700 wet towel manufacturers have been registered in China. By the end of 2014, more than 1000 wet towel manufacturers have been registered in China. But overall, the industry is not standardized, mixed fish and dragon, product quality is uneven, most small-scale enterprises, backward production equipment. Therefore, at present, most of the domestic wet towel products are in low-quality and low-cost competition, there is no strong national brand of wet towel.
2. Paper companies, especially large giant enterprises, are not actively promoting wet towels yet. Most of them use wet towels as a supplement and extension of paper towels. Due to the overlap between wet towels and paper towel market, they do not want wet towel products to move their paper towel cheese prematurely, but they understand that this will be a blowout market once the market is in place. Starting will have great prospects. From the point of view of sales channels, there are few professional wet towel distributors at present. The channel of baby wet towel gradually matures with the increase of mother and baby stores, while other types of wet towel sales channels are cosmetics stores, Department stores, supermarkets, convenience chain stores and so on, lacking professional distributors. Paper World magazine, a professional journal of the domestic life and nursing industry, said that China's wet towel market is in a "blowout bedding period", and there will be a small thing to break the ice, thus stimulating the growth of the whole industry. Businesses also understand that market trends are out of control and that once the wet towel Market springs up, they have to follow suit quickly. In this sense, it is only a matter of time before the detonating market of wet wipes.
Four the outbreak of wipes
1. Since 2003, the wet towel market has made great progress, with an annual growth rate of about 20%, so four domestic paper giants who never officially launched wet towels are now competing in the market. SARS has formally brought the wet towel market into the life of consumers and started to change its stagnant development. After several years of market cultivation and the growing establishment of consumer hygiene habits, influenza A has indeed greatly promoted the wet towel market. At this time, the wet towel market may be fully launched. Consumers'desire for wet towels has accumulated to a certain extent, the market has reached a certain expansion period, coupled with the promotion and operation of some large brands of large enterprises, wet towel market will usher in a new situation.
2.2014 years, the wet towel industry is destined to be a year of high temperature. At the end of 2014, many professional websites, public Weixin platforms and marketing magazines published industry analysis and market outlook of wet towels, and agreed that the wet towel industry will usher in a new development opportunity. In developed countries, besides personal care, wet towels are also used for household cleaning, and the basic percentage is open by xx. At present, wet towels are mainly used for personal care in China. Personal care wet towels generally include clean moisturizing wet towels, sanitary wet towels, baby wet towels and private care wet towels. Clean and moisturizing wipes are widely used for skin cleanliness, sweats and oil removal. Sanitary wipes have bactericidal effects on some common bacteria, and consumers have greatly improved their understanding of sanitary wipes. Baby wipes are now divided into mouth and hand care and hip care, can always clean the baby's mouth and hand, hip care, and help prevent red buttocks and other functions, is China's fastest growing wet towel products. Private Cleaning Yin type wipes can kill Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli which are common in women's privacy. Especially in women's menstrual period, secretory period, after entering the toilet, contact with public utensils, travel and so on, they can play a very good role in cleaning and nursing.
3. Personal care wipes, paper giant Heng'an banner Xinxiangyin wipes and specializing in the production and marketing of wipes in Chongqing Hualian's cherished wipes has been in the leading position. According to the monthly monitoring data of supermarket chains nationwide, the comprehensive weight share of Xinxiangyin wipes is over 20%, and the cherished wipes are over 10%. It occupies the forefront of the brand of wipes. Johnson & Johnson, ABC, Qingfeng and Vita also have their own place with their strong sales network. In 2007, Hebei's beauty sanitary products Co., Ltd. pioneered wet wood pulp paper wipes in China. On the basis of traditional wet towel, the base material was extended from non-woven fabric to wood pulp paper, and the wet toilet paper made of new wood pulp paper was introduced. This wet toilet paper breaks the traditional Chinese toilet habits, completely solve the toilet test is not clean habits. Its wet toilet paper also has a large share in the market.
4. Home cleaning wipes are still in a sporadic period of introduction, the initial market share is very low, with Hebei Shimei as the representative of the wet wipes enterprises on the special wipes for shoe-polishing has made considerable progress, the development of shoe-polishing King occupies a huge market share in the three northeastern provinces.
Five wet towel Market
1. the cake in China's wet wipes market is large, but the market share is not big at present. It is very difficult for an influx of enterprises to make money in a short time. If there is a long-term plan and a down-to-earth start from the market, there will be opportunities. Specifically, we should start with the market. In Europe, North America, South America and other countries where wet towel market is more mature, wet towel per capita consumption and per capita GDP is basically proportional to, but in China this law is completely absent. In the economically developed regions of China, such as East China and Southern China, GDP is very high, but the percentage of wet wipes is very low. On the contrary, relatively backward western regions such as Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, the Yellow River basin in Henan, Shandong and Northeast wet towel share is relatively high. Seemingly irrelevant, in fact, there are rules to follow, including internal causes and external causes. Internally, the areas with high wet towel share are concentrated in the northeast, north, northwest and southwest of China. These areas have a distinct climate feature - dry, especially the "three north" often accompanied by sand and dust. But the climate in southwest China, especially Sichuan and Chongqing, is close to Southeast China, and the GDP is relatively low, while the wet towel market share is indeed high in the forefront, becoming a mature consumption area of wet towel, what is the reason? This should be the promotion of enterprises. The result of market training. That is why we say, "three north one south" is the main base of cherishing wipes, as a professional enterprise engaged in wipes, most of their sales are also from these areas. Because of the early start-up of the regional market, the market is relatively mature, most enterprises will put the main battlefield here, the market competition is relatively fierce, especially in the Northeast market. Northeast is also a relatively large number of wet towel enterprises in the region, but also the most competitive low-quality low-cost place, Europe, petite, cypress and other enterprises are here. Whether internal or external factors, China's wet towel market is certainly immature, such as East China and South China market will certainly be opened, it is only a matter of time. But we can draw a conclusion from it, wet towel market is need to guide, as long as the good guide, the market will erupt.   
2. China's GDP surpassed Japan for the first time in 2010, ranking second in the world after the United States. China's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013 was 56884.5 billion yuan, about twice that of Japan. But what about China's sanitary products market, especially the wet towel market, compared with neighboring Japan and South Korea? The proportion is very high, because sanitary cotton is a necessities of life, which reflects that China's per capita disposable income is still relatively low, to meet the necessities of life as the first choice; on the other hand, it reflects that the growth space of sanitary products is still large wet towels and adult incontinence products. According to statistics, Japan used about 1,700 baby wipes per baby in 2012, South Korea more than 1,100, and China less than 100. Using the per capita consumption in Japan as a parameter, the amount of wet wipes used by Chinese infants is huge. Undoubtedly, one year later, the biggest breakthrough in China's wet towel is definitely baby wipes, through the baby wipes to change people's consumption habits, to drive the development of the whole wet towel. Household cleaning wipes are still in the initial introduction period after a year, and the real growth will be two years later.
Six wet towel trend
1. With the increasing recognition and acceptance of wet towel by people, the sales of wet towel are increasing, and the market of wet towel will be increasingly mature. The national standard of wet towel in 2012 [GB/T 27728] has been formally implemented. It is currently in the second edition of the revised audit period, and the improvement of the national standard also indicates that the entire wet towel industry is moving towards standardization and health. The direction of Kang is developing. Of course, with the standardization of the wet towel industry, the threshold of enterprises will certainly be raised, some small-scale, backward production equipment, product quality is not hard enterprises will face elimination, this is also the inevitable result of the development of the industry.
2. For wet towel practitioners, whether it is manufacturer or agent, must take this industry seriously. Although we all know it is a sunrise industry, for the production enterprises, only to do their products and markets steadfastly; for agents, only to choose products of high quality, in line with market demand, can we really usher in the sunrise. At the same time, we should see that whoever grabs the good wet towel brand will seize the opportunity of wealth.

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