Do you know what are the advantages of a fully automatic baler?

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What are the advantages of the automatic baler? The automatic baler is an indispensable production packaging machine on the production line. There are many kinds of balers, and the sales volume of the automatic baler is high. It is mainly due to its product advantages. What are the advantages of the automatic baler? Let me introduce to you in detail.

The automatic baler has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency

In the past, the traditional manual packaging was inefficient and easy to lose materials. Using automatic packaging machines instead of manual packaging can effectively complete the entire production process of feeding, measuring, bagging, printing dates, and product output. This mechanized production line has high measurement accuracy and efficiency. The advantages of high, material saving and labor cost reduction.

2. Reduce labor intensity

The automatic packaging machine replaces manual packaging and frees workers from heavy work. First, for some small products, manual packaging will consume physical strength and it is not easy to pack; secondly, some products will produce dust, radioactivity, and irritation to the human body during the production process. Sexual and toxic hazards, the production of this machine can effectively solve these problems.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

Generally speaking, a fully automatic baler with good service has an automatic detection function, so the machine can intelligently and automatically screen and repack unqualified products, improve the qualification rate, reduce losses, facilitate maintenance and operation, and reduce the waste of materials. Cost of production.

4. Safety and Health

Due to manual participation, it is difficult to avoid human contact with the products produced by manual packaging, which may contaminate the products and make it difficult to guarantee the production quality. The automatic production of the automatic packaging machine from feeding to finished products does not require manual participation, and the packaging production line reduces the packaging process. Bacterial contamination in the enterprise provides a good guarantee for the enterprise.

Buying a fully automatic baler mainly depends on the following points:

1. Packaging speed: In order to improve production efficiency, double-chamber or fully automatic packaging machines can be selected to improve the entire production progress.

2. Whether the packaged goods need to be filled with protective gas: a multifunctional automatic packaging machine with an inflatable device can be selected.

3. Vacuum requirements for packaging: If the packaging can only be kept intact under high vacuum conditions, the brand of internal suction automatic packaging machine should be selected.

4. Requirements for the brand of the automatic baler due to the component status of the package.

5. The key to testing automatic baler manufacturers is still after-sales service. A good brand is a serious enterprise that focuses on the integration of pre-sales and after-sales services.

When choosing a fully automatic baler, the above points should be considered. Of course, the first consideration is efficiency, and then there must be good after-sales service, so that the problem can be solved in time when the machine fails.