The manufacturers of automatic balers will talk about the reasons for the large price difference of balers

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Automatic baler manufacturers: reasons for the large price difference of balers

1. Balers have different functions and different prices. At present, there are a variety of balers with different functions, including manual packaging, pneumatic packaging, electric packaging, semi-automatic packaging and fully automatic packaging. Due to the different degrees of automation of the equipment, this also reflects on price.

2. The quality and price of the machine are different. Although the types of balers on the market are very different, the essence of the baler has not changed. The mechanical structure and production process of the same type of baler are similar, mainly because the process and There are differences in materials: For example, the production process of a fully automatic desktop baler, whether it is a high-level baler or a low-level baler, is the same, so the quality of the process and the material of the main components determine the price difference of the baler.

3. Competition among baler merchants. In recent years, the number of baler manufacturers has continued to increase, and the number of dealers has also increased, which will naturally lead to vicious competition driven by interests. source of sales and customers, can only cut prices to save costs, so only rigs can be used.

4. Brand of balers; some balers are of strong brand and are different from products produced by some small manufacturers, such as performance, workmanship, quality, and functions, so the prices are also different.

Automatic baler manufacturers: how is the price of balers determined?

The first is the price of the baler. For the price of the baler, due to the different models selected by the customer, the price is also different. What kind of price is relatively low and what kind of price is relatively high?

First of all, the cheap model is a manual baler, which should be of little use. Although its price is low, its work efficiency is also low, and its working principle is relatively simple. If the price is generally around 100-200 yuan, this is the basic model, but it is still There are many manual balers, such as manual steel belt, PP belt, the function is the same, but if the packaging material is different.

Secondly, semi-automatic balers. Now the dual-motor semi-automatic balers produced by our baler company have eliminated the previous production, such as the MG-90 model produced before. Although the price of this baler is relatively cheap, the failure rate is relatively high. Therefore, the technicians of our baler company have launched a dual-motor semi-automatic baler, which is slightly more expensive than the original model, but still well received by customers.

Then there is the automatic baler, the price is relatively high, the price of the cheap automatic baler is less than 10,000 yuan, but due to the wide variety of fully automatic models, such as driverless ones, which are mainly used for assembly line production, the price of this model is It is more expensive. Customers should choose the appropriate model or choose according to their own product size. If the product size is not suitable, the baler is not suitable.

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