What are the advantages of wet wipes equipment

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Wet wipes are commonly used in life, and they are packaged in ordinary paper plastic bags. Put a wet wipe lid on the paper plastic bag. If the remaining wet wipes are not properly protected after opening, they will become dry, polluted and wasteful, but the use of the wet wipe cover can play a role in preventing dust and moisturizing. It is very important, so let's take a look at the advantages of wet wipes equipment!

The traditional wet tissue cover is composed of two parts, an upper cover and a base that can be snapped together. The base is provided with an outlet for taking out the wet tissue, and the upper cover is rotatably arranged on the upper part of the base relative to the base. The traditional wet wipe cover is injection-molded at one time with an injection molding machine. After injection molding, the upper cover and the base are in an unfolded state and are basically on the same level. At this time, it is necessary to fold the upper cover and the base immediately to facilitate shaping and subsequent packaging. However, this work is currently done manually, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, lacks uniform standards, and insufficient folding affects the joint effect of the cover. Technical realization elements of wet wipes equipment:

The purpose of the wet wipes equipment is to propose a production and processing equipment for wet wipes covers with a high degree of automation in view of the above problems existing in the production process of the existing wet wipes covers.

The wet tissue device can be realized by the following technical means. The wet tissue device includes: an injection molding machine for injection molding the entire wet tissue cover in an open state; a robot arm for adsorbing the entire wet tissue cover from the injection molding machine and forming Take it out and fold it with a lamination forming device, which is characterized in that it includes: a conveying table; a conveying belt punching mechanism is arranged on the conveying table, and a punching space is formed between the conveying table and the conveying table, and one end of the conveying table is provided with a larger space than the conveying table. A table-high horizontal auxiliary folding rod, the control system moves the robot arm in a manner of pre-folding the injection-molded wet wipe cover as a whole through the auxiliary folding rod, and the pre-folded wet wipe cover is sequentially stacked on the conveying table , the conveyor belt transports the stacked wet wipes cover to the punching station just below the punching mechanism to supply the punching mechanism.

On the conveyor belt, the wet wipe equipment is provided with a tipping prevention device at intervals in the conveying direction, the tipping preventive device is perpendicular to the table top of the conveyor belt table, and includes a plurality of overlapping spaces surrounding the overlapping space of the wet wipe cover before folding. A pressure rod is arranged inside the column, a return spring is arranged between the pressure rod and the column, and the upper end of the pressure rod protrudes from the column under the action of the return spring.

In the wet tissue equipment, the lamination mechanism includes a bracket, a pressure plate and a cylinder, the cylinder body of the cylinder is fixed on the bracket, the piston rod is fixed vertically downward on the horizontal pressure plate, and the cylinder controls the up and down of the pressure plate.

The wet wipe equipment conveying platform is composed of a lifting plate, a base and two lifting frames. The two lifting frames are respectively arranged at both ends of the lifting plate, and are in the shape of an H shape including two vertical plungers and a horizontal beam. The two ends are respectively two vertical plungers. The base is provided with an intubation tube, the upper end of the vertical plunger is rotatably connected with the lifting plate, the lower end of the vertical plunger is inserted into the intubation tube, and a control lifting frame is arranged between the lifting frame and the base. In the manufacturing and processing equipment of the cover, the above-mentioned height adjustment structure is composed of a screw rod and a hand wheel, the hand wheel is fixed on the screw rod, the upper end of the screw rod is connected with the above-mentioned horizontal rod, the upper and lower limits are limited, and the relative rotation is free, and the lower end of the screw rod is screwed with the base. . Compared with the prior art, the wet tissue cover production and processing equipment can pre-fold and stack the entire injection-molded wet tissue cover with a robotic arm, and then press and hold it uniformly with a pressure plate. The folding standard is consistent and the degree of automation is high. .

The above are the advantages of wet wipes equipment. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!