Structural characteristics of wet wipes equipment

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With the progress of society, people's needs are gradually increasing, and packaging machinery and equipment are becoming more and more complex. However, wet wipes equipment is gradually emerging as a kind of packaging machinery and the trend of social development. Then let's take a look at the structural characteristics of the wet wipes equipment!

Structural features of wet wipes equipment:

1. Working principle of wet wipes equipment: unwinding - printing date - punching - labeling machine - photoelectric tracking - packaging forming - unwinding - reciprocating corner cutting - finished product output, fully automatic.

2. Human-machine interface, convenient parameter setting. The equipment is controlled by dual frequency converters, the bag length can be installed and cut in time, no need to adjust the empty stroke, and it can be done in one step, saving time and film.

3. The equipment has the function of fault self-diagnosis, and the fault display is clear at a glance. High-sensitivity photometric tracking for correct sealing position through digital input.

4. The punch and the label are controlled by servo motors, and the position of the punch and label can be operated through the touch screen, which is convenient and fast.

5. Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for various packaging materials.

6. Through the reciprocating end sealing mechanism, the sealing is more firm, and the film sealing edge is not damaged.

7. The edge-sealing angle device makes the shape of the bag more beautiful and improves the product grade.

8. Positioning stop function, no knife, no waste of packaging film.

9. The transmission system is simple, reliable and easy to maintain.

10. All controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical vitality.

11. According to the requirements of ZG-80, this machine can be used to make all automatic folding wet wipes.

12. The whole machine has compact structure, fast packing speed, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation and simple operation. This is a very good option for extracting and producing wipes!

Wet wipes equipment is a type of packaging machinery. Wet wipes equipment was developed at the end of the 20th century in combination with advanced technologies at home and abroad. Wet tissue equipment is widely used in automatic tissue packaging for tissue machinery and other products, mainly for tissue packaging, such as tissue, bag tissue, soft tissue, wet tissue, extraction tissue, and other packaging. The products of wet wipes equipment are not only different in shape, but also beautiful in appearance and easy to carry. Operation with wet wipes equipment has higher intelligence, higher packaging accuracy, larger adjustable scale, clearer operation, lower rejection rate, better The stability and lower manipulation of domestic and foreign products. Due to the use of the world's highest fully open casing structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and maintenance is more and more convenient.

The above are the structural characteristics of the wet wipes equipment. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!