What is a mask machine folding machine?

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Mask machine folding machine is also called cotton folding machine. As the name implies, it is mask folding. What is a mask folding machine should not need to be explained. Those who have used mask should know that it is to fold the mask and pack it. The meaning of folding is to Make the mask smaller and save unnecessary resources. The following editor of Ruirun Machinery will introduce to you what is the mask machine folding machine? What does it look like?

The mask folding machine is an emerging industry established according to the rise of the mask market in the 21st century. The mask folding machine can make the folding and packaging process of the mask simpler and smoother. The mask folding machine can be said to be a machine that replaces manual folding of masks in the 21st century, reducing costs and improving work efficiency for enterprises and businesses. The working efficiency of the mask folding machine can reach 2500-3000 pieces per hour, which is a major breakthrough in the mask industry.

Mask machine parameters:

Folding method: three-fold, four-fold method.

Cotton layers: 1-3.

Production efficiency: 2500~3000/hour.

Mask bag specifications: 115-165mm wide, 150-220mm long, 30% off, 95-165mm wide, 150-220mm long, 40% off.

Power supply: 220V/1Ph/50Hz 1.2KW.

Air source: 0.6Mpa 250L/min.

Equipment size: L1900×W1060×H1450.

The mask folding machine works very efficiently, with guaranteed quality and high cost performance. We should keep up with the pace of the times. The above is the whole content of today. If you want to know the price of the mask folding machine, you can contact customer service for consultation.

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